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Get to know about Eminent

Eminent Accounting & Management Services is a business process provider for financial accounting and bookkeeping services to medium and small enterprises. We serve a diverse client base ranging from private individuals to small-medium sized businesses. Mutual satisfaction is an important factor in any long-term business relationship. Our service offering demonstrates our commitment to providing a high quality service to the complete satisfaction of our clients, ensuring a reporting framework that is reliable, comprehensive, timely, relevant, and useful for decision making.

Why choose us?

Our main objective is to help business owners to focus on core business functions and increase profitability. By outsourcing many of our clients save up to 50% compared to the costs of hiring in-house staff to perform these functions. Our advanced technical expertise and professional approach differentiates EAMS from other companies offering similar Accounting and bookkeeping services. We provide hour basis, part time, periodic accounting and accounting supervision services to support your own in-house accountant, book-keeper or computer accounting system. If you do not have these resources we can outsource accounting professionals. This helps you avoid adding to your permanent payroll.
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Tailored packages

We do not believe in cookie cutter service or a one size fits all approach. Our service levels are based on client needs, volumes of activities and the type of activities. We can develop an outsourced accounting solution tailored to fit your business needs. Whether you operate a cash business or a more complex operation, an experienced professional will be assigned to you to account for your unique situation.

An outsourced model for your accounting needs:

Business executive and owners, rather than spending your valuable time on searching for accounting software, accounting rules and standards, rely on the professionals who understands their business needs and know how to record all your financial transactions. Getting external help for your accounting needs will allow you more valuable time, which you can use to further improve your business. Outsourcing will benefit you to reduce head count, which is often a significant issue in today’s competitive environment. We provide a professional and reliable accounting and financial reporting service using up to date accounting software.
Our staffs keep up-to-date of ever-changing accounting rules and keep you informed of the accounting implications of transactions you are undertaking. Our outsourced accounting services are designed to maintain your accounts with minimum hassle at a cost-effective price. Most importantly you will consistently receive your financial information in a timely and accurate manner.

By outsourcing the accounting/book keeping function your company could:

  • Save more than 50% with higher quality service,
  • Free your executives to Focus on Core business strategy rather than compliance and book-keeping tasks,
  • Avail professional’s help to maintain compliance with accounting regulations,
  • Keep accurate records always up-to-date,
  • Grow your business and can beat competition,
  • Get focused and skilled staff at affordable fees,
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Improve speed and service,
  • Increase value by improving receivables and payables.

Through our outsourced accounting services, you get more than just bookkeeping. You will have a chance to see your performance tracked against budget and receive actionable advice grounded in rigorous financial analysis.
Our accountants will also raise flags and identify opportunities to help you make the right decisions with their proactive advice.