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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential components of managing your business's financial health. While accounting provides a comprehensive overview of your company's performance and ensures compliance with tax laws and regulations, bookkeeping focuses on the day-to-day recording and organization of financial transactions.

Accounting and bookkeeping services has been around for as long as businesses have kept records. However, people sometimes do not understand some aspects of the outsourcing process. The following are some of the most frequent questions that customers ask.


Accounting allows you to know how your business is performing. Accounting looks at your stock, incomes, and expenditures to determine if you are profitable or not. Another reason for accounting is that it enables you to comply with local laws, VAT and corporate Tax compliance, timely Tax filing. Sometimes the law mandates companies to keep proper accounting records.

Outsourcing accounting services means hiring a third party to do your bookkeeping for you. The alternative would be to hire an in-house certified public accountant to do the job and be part of your permanent staff.

In a small- to medium-sized business, accounting does not need to take up a lot of the company's time. Your company needs all hands on deck running day-to-day operations. The business will grow faster this way. When you outsource accounting services to professionals, you will stay informed about your company's performance. Your company will also be kept compliant with all local accounting laws.

If you outsource your accounting, you can save up to half of the money you would use to pay an in-house accountant. We have flexible working and payment schedules. You can pay us hourly or periodically as you prefer.

You are in complete control of your business at all times. We do not have the ability/permission to make executive decisions on your behalf. The arrangement you would have with an in-house accountant applies to us too because you are the boss. We are there to work for you -- nothing more.